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14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL THERAPY & 15th NUCLEAR MEDICINE ACADEMIC CONFERENCE OF JIANGSU MEDICAL ASSOCIATION is held successfully from August 21st to 24th in Nanjing, a city featured in its history and modernity. Under this unique opportunity, numerous experts and distinguished guests from different institutions around the world have come here, exchanging their academic ideas, building cooperation and exploring pioneering work in this conference. It is a great chance to make advance in the field of RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL THERAPY on China’s part. For another, it is an honor to exhibit our culture and civilization to the world, establishing a platform to communicate and collaborate.

On August 21, the conference opened, and the registration channel for the conference was opened.Participants will confirm information or register on website according to the online registration channel opened six months ago.Volunteers assist registrars in check-in procedures.Hu Wanjin(Vice Mayor of Nanjing), Irene Virgolini, (President of Warmth), Hu Yin( Secretary-General of Jiangsu Medical Association),Fang Zhongyou( Director of Nanjing Health Committee), Zhang Yingdong(President of Nanjing First Hospital),Ma Jun(Secretary of the Party Committee), Qi Jianwei(Vice-President), Wang Shukui (Vice-President)and Sun Hong(Vice-President) attended the Opening Ceremony.At the meeting, Wang Feng(Director of Nuclear Medicine Department of Nanjing First Hospital) presided over the speech.First of all, he would like to thank WARMTH for choosing China and Nanjing, and for the presence of leaders, experts and scholars.It is also proposed that this is a feast for the International Conference of Nuclear Medicine. It is hoped that the participants will speak freely and create a strong academic atmosphere full of positive energy.The conference was opened by leaders and experts. The conference lasted four days and was divided into up to 20 sessions, each of which gathered academic cafes at home and abroad for case sharing and discussion.On the evening of 23rd, the Closing Ceremony of the conference was held in the BaiHua Hall, announcing the formal closing of the conference.The achievements of this conference are remarkable. Experts at home and abroad have discussed radiopharmaceuticals and targeted diagnostic therapy in all aspects. We believe that the level of radionuclide therapy in China will keep pace with the trend of the world .

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8月21日大会正式拉开帷幕,会议注册报到现场通道正式开启,参会人员根据半年前就开启的网上报名通道进行信息确认或现场注册,志愿者协助注册人员办理入住手续。22日上午大会正式开幕,南京市副市长胡万进、Warmth(世界放射药物和分子治疗协会)主席Irene Virgolini、江苏省医学会秘书长胡寅、南京市卫生健康委员会主任方中友、南京市第一医院院长张颖冬、党委书记马俊、副院长戚建伟、副院长王书奎、副院长孙红列席参加了开幕式。会上南京市第一医院核医学科主任王峰主持发言,首先感谢warmth机构能够选择中国、选择南京,感谢各位领导和专家学者们的莅临。并提出这是一场国际核医学届的饕餮盛宴,希望与会者能够畅所欲言营造一个学术氛围浓重充满正能量的学术氛围。大会在各位领导以及专家的启动下开幕。此次大会持续4天,分为多达20个分会场,每个会场都聚集了国内外学术大咖进行病例分享以及讨论。23日晚,大会闭幕式于2楼百花厅举行,宣布此次大会正式落下帷幕。此次大会取得的成果是显著的,国内外专家针对放射性药物以及靶向诊断治疗进行了全方面的讨论,我们相信通过此次大会中国核素治疗的水平一定会紧跟世界的潮流,随着世界的平台水涨船高。


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